In ancient Rome, Testaccio was the port on the Tiber where the goods came from through out the empire. The Monte dei Cocci is a hill formed by the accumulation of millions of broken amphoraes (jars) in which wine and oil arrived in Rome (you can see today in many clubs and restaurants). Via Marmorata derives its name from the immense quantity of precious marbles (marmo) which were deposited near the port here, that have survived for centuries after the Roman Empire.

In Testaccio once was located the municipal slaughterhouse (now the Multicultural Area) and nearby were the general markets of fruits and vegetables. This has facilitated the emergence over time of many fraschette (inns and taverns of the past), many of which are still popular today, while others have been transformed as bars and restaurants. But the pleasures of the table do not exclude intellectual pleasures. In the old slaughterhouse was installed a section of the MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Artof Rome) and a seat of the Faculty of Architecture at the Universita' di Roma, in the Monte dei Cocci has its head quarters, the School of Popular music.

And stillat few steps other places of historical and archaeologica : the Pyramid Cestia, Porte S. Paul, the Protestant Cemetery, the basilicas of S. Sabina and S. Alessio, the beautiful Garden of Oranges with breathtaking views across the entire city, the Circus Maximus, the Municipal Rose Garden. Do not miss a visiton Sunday morning to the market at Porta Portese in Trastevere, the famous fleamarket in Rome that you can walk in 5 minutes just crossing the bridge over the Tiber. Just a few steps from 149Guesthouse every morning (except Sunday) takes place in PiazzaTestaccio the characteristic vegetable market, where we meet, among the colorful stalls, the true spirit of the Roman people. Uponarrival we will give you information on the most beautiful things to see anddo, giving useful addresses for eating and for making the best purchase.

Finally, tomake it even more enjoyable stay in Rome, we offer our guests an aperitif at the Cafe' Baroccoin the beautiful Piazza Navona.